We offer several premium blends to suit your individual taste — from mild to bold, from no acidity to bright acidity.    Our “Single Origin Series” consists of ten of the most famous Indonesian single origin coffee.   All these are available as roasted (whole) beans or as ground coffee; in 150 g or in 1 kg package.   Check us out and order yours today!



Our premium blends are a mixture of three or more different origins containing only the best premium Indonesian coffee.  Each coffee has its own profile that is roasted to perfection to bring out the richness of our beans.  And each of our premium blend has its own distinguished character, taste and flavor.   With the unique taste that each of the origin brings, our premium collection will give you a whole different experience in drinking coffee.


Single origin coffee is coffee grown within a single known geographic origin across Indonesia.  The name of the coffee refers to the place where it is grown.  And we roast our single origin to perfection so that you can feel the difference in cup profile and the unique character from each of our Single Origin Series.  It is our roasting technique that differentiates our Single Origin Series from other similar products.


We have many collection of our “Special Blend/Signature Blend” that would suit your needs.  We have a much WIDER selections that are not even featured on this website.  Please contact us for further details or to set up for an appointment.



We may also have some seasonal products from time to time.  This include some rare and unique cup profiles of our Indonesian beans that may only be available at a very limited quantity and a short period of time.

We also provide a joint development for building your own house blend that would suit your particular needs (minimum quantity is required for custom blend).

Balige Supremo

Bold, herbal, dark chocolate notes and low acidity.  A milk-based favorite!  100% selected premium arabica beans from the area of Balige Lake Toba stretching up to the northern most part of [...]

Golden Espresso

Mild to medium body, distinguished floral and chocolate notes!  Medium to low acidity.  100% selected premium arabica beans. Roasted Beans or Ground Coffee 150 g and 1 Kg packaging

Premium Signature

One of our famous 100% selected premium arabica blends.  Mild, complex flavours with medium body and medium acidity.  Simply for arabica lovers! Roasted Beans or Ground Coffee 150 gr and 1 Kg packaging


For those who love fruity and bright acidity, this is the one for you!  Bright citrus/lemon, floral, caramel, and grapefruit with spicy cinnamon notes.  Medium to high acidity. Roasted Beans or [...]

Black Diamond

Caramel, sweet chocolate with cedar and blueberry notes.  Medium to bold and low acidity.  Our premium and most versatile arabica and robusta blend. Roasted Beans or Ground Coffee 150 g and 1 Kg [...]

Classic Blend

A more balance of arabica and robusta with more flavours and medium robusta taste.  A classic favourite! Roasted Beans or Ground Coffee 150 gr and 1 Kg packaging

Black Karimata

Bold, Dark and Intense.  For those who love black coffee with stronger robusta characteristic and aroma.  Also excellent for use with condensed milk and as a base for Kopi Tarik.  A classic [...]

Java Arabica

Roasted Beans or Ground Coffee Available in 150 gr, 500 gr and 1 Kg package